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Give your windows a gorgeous makeover with our printed blinds. Available in Standard and Blackout fabrics, you can make your own blinds to complement your home décor or to use in your bedroom for a better night's sleep. Lovingly handmade to order and custom printed with your photos, designs or artwork.

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Custom Blinds Features

  • Blackout & Standard
  • Both fabrics are fire retardant and non-fray
  • Made to measure to suit your needs
  • All parts/instructions/safety cord clip supplied
  • 3 year guarantee on print, material & mechanism
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3” printed squares of our entire fabric range, to see and feel the quality.

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Picture Roller Blinds: How it Works

Our photo blinds look amazing and really add a touch of elegance to the home. To get the best results and ensure your blinds are designed and installed to perfection, follow our instructions and read our Safety & Fitting guide. Please also read our Safety Cord Control information below for how to safely use your blinds. If all care and installation instructions followed correctly, photo blinds have a 3 year guarantee on print, material & mechanism.

Step 1: Measure your window/frame

Measuring the dimensions is crucial to a successful custom roller blind installation. First, you need to decide how you want to mount your roller blinds - see the options below. Once you've decided, you then need to input the width and height dimensions as specified for each mounting style. Relief: add 5cm to the width. Recess: provide the exact dimensions. Input these figures into the design tool to start creating your own blinds.

Relief mount photo blinds


This is where the blind screws to the window frame or wall and stands proud of the wall or frame. You must include at least 5cms (1.96 inches) in width to house the spindle fittings as well as the personalised blind.

Recess mount photo blinds

roller blind

The blind goes inside the 'box' of the window. We need to know the precise dimensions of the recess. Then we subtract 3.2cm (1.25 inches) from print width to allow for brackets in recess. The finished blind including brackets will equal your selected width.

Step 2: Choose your material
We have 2 fabrics for our personalised roller blinds, both providing a completely different look, feel and even purpose. Our Standard is decorative, textured and lets some light shine through without being transparent at all. These are perfect for conservatories when you want the hue of the sunshine but without it glaring into your face. You cannot see through Standard, but some light shines through. Our Blackout fabric does what it says on the tin; blocks out all light, making them the ideal blinds for babies nurseries, bedrooms and even cinema rooms. This material also has waterproof qualities so they work well in bathrooms and as kitchen roller blinds.
Step 3: Choose your cord options
You really do get to customise every aspect of your bespoke roller blinds. For the cord, first choose which side you'd like it on. This could depend on whether you're right or left handed, or where the blinds are to be fitted and which side has the easiest access. Secondly, choose your cord style. It comes as standard in white plastic, or for an extra cost, give your blinds a stylish silver metallic cord. 
Step 4: Upload your photos
Now it's the fun part. You can choose a single image, background colours, text overlays or create a photo collage using your favourite family snaps. Simply select more than 1 photo, choose your preferred style from our ready-made collages or move the images yourself for a custom made collage. 

Step 5: Double check your design

Use our zoom and preview functionality to double check your design and ensure it's exactly the way you want it. Whilst we will contact you regarding low quality images, any spellings or positioning of images is not up to us to rectify should there be an error.
Note: We add 2-3 wraps of extra fabric at the top of your image. We mirror your design in most cases, so when the blind is fully extended the metal pole is not exposed. Make sure you do not extend the roller blind past the lower limit of your window as this may cause the fabric to fall off in years to come. If you select blackout material, the reverse is black in colour.

Safety Cord Control Mechanism

All roller blinds have a cord control that can give rise to safety concerns with children. Please keep the cord out of reach of children by fitting and using the cord clip supplied.
How to attach the cord clip: Take each part of the clear plastic clip and line up the last 'ball' on the ends of the cord string. Press the 'ball' into the holes so you hear a 'click'. To fix the 2 ends together, slot the 2 clips into one another as if you were making a full square. (Push it against your finger for support.) You should hear a clear 'snap'. 
How it works: If a child, or anyone, pulls too hard on the cord, the clip will come apart. This is to protect children who can accidentally get cords wrapped around their neck. To avoid this happening when you open or shut your blinds, pull the cord gently, guiding it along with your hands. 

Personalised Roller Blind Prices And Ordering

You need to carefully check the dimensions of your window and look up dimension the photo blinds price on the next page by clicking start design above. When you know you have correctly identified the photo blinds size you can see the price and place your image or design at the exact dimensions of your print in the preview system. We will custom make it to the dimensions you provide so it will look as you design it.

In addition to custom sizing, you have options of choose cord left or cord right, for your personalised blinds as well as the material type. Standard (lets some light through) or Blackout which is also the waterproof version and being waterproof ideal for bathrooms and kitchen blinds.

We offer a high level of customisation from any size, two type of material, full custom imaging, choice of the cord left or right hand side (useful!) and the even type of cord from white beaded or silver metallic cord.

Important: We add 2-3 wraps of extra fabric at the top of your image, this is so when the blind is fully extended the metal pole is not exposed. Make sure you do not extend the roller blind down past the lower limit of your window as this may cause the fabric to fall off the pole in years to come. If you select blackout material, the reverse is black in colour.

Note:  Roller blinds have a cord control and like any cord can give rise to safety concerns with children. Please keep the cord out of reach of children by fitting and using a cord clip (supplied). Please see below for the latest child safety regulations in regards to roller blind cords. For safety even with a safety device in place, we recommend that you move furniture such as cots, beds, side chairs away from windows fitted with a roller blind that has a side cord control mechanism.

Please read Safety Features for Contrado Roller Blinds

Child Safety For All Made-to-Measure Blinds

Child Safety Regulations mean that all blinds have to comply with EN13120. Contrado Imaging Ltd takes the following measures to comply:

  • All blinds will be supplied with a Fixed Tensioning Device - in our case a 'P clip' or other device
  • We advice the recommended distance from the floor to the bottom of the chain will be at least 1500mm.
  • Safety devices will be supplied, with any blind with cords and/or chains
  • A safety tag will be supplied
  • Installation instructions will be provided and must be available once the blind has been fitted
  • There will be a warning notice on the product packaging
These safety measures will be applied to every blind supplied by Contrado Imaging Ltd.
Personalised Blinds Photo Inspiration
Bringing the ocean beachfront to you is possible when you make your own blinds. Printed with a gorgeous image of the sea and blue skies, your blinds will make everyday feel like you're on holiday.

Combine education with decoration and print an old style vintage map onto your small roller blinds. When you're washing up at the sink you can plan your next trip, or lie in bed dreaming of lands far away.

Design kids roller blinds for their bedrooms using pictures of their favourite cartoon, hobby or animal. The blackout fabric would be a good choice so they can get a better night's sleep and won't complain when it's too light for bedtime in the summer.

Fire Retardant Roller Blind Fabric

Please note: Both fabrics are fire retardant, and safe for use in homes. 


DIN 4102-1 Fire Certified
Blackout  Standard     

Please note: The total thickness of your photo blind, once fully rolled (including the pole) is between 5.5 - 6cm. We advise to check the measurements of your window frame, and the distance between the frame and the ceiling, to ensure the window opens properly, without the blinds obstructing them.

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