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Personalised Tea Towels

Personalised Tea Towels

Tea Towel Printing

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Design a photo tea towel printed edge to edge and sewn to order. Use our personalised tea towels printing service for a modern tea towel gift fo...

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Make Your Own Tea Towel

  • High grade cotton-linen printed tea cloth
  • Fade-resistant edge-to-edge print
  • Dimensions 70 x 50 cm
  • Wavy edge option in four colours
  • Montage tea towel with max 20. pics
  • No minimums, two year guarantee

Our quintessential Irish tea towel made from natural cotton-linen fabric for 2nd anniversary gift or other idea.

A blast into the past, our beautiful tea towel printing is like the school tea towels your kids bring home, but with full-colour photo print quality and fantastic soft cotton-linen. Lightweight, so not for the sloppy dishwasher, but still a customised tea towel of considerable drying power. A 100% natural blend of cotton & linen and printed all over, this dishcloth tea towel is made from pesticide-free natural yarn that has a lower environmental impact than paper towels and will last for years to come. Your custom tea towel is printed with reactive printing, infusing the ink into the fabric and creating a natural, strong and bright design.
  • Made from cotton-linen fabric
  • Landscape or portrait orientation
  • Standard or wavy edging in four colours
  • Ecru, navy, red or turquoise
  • 70cm x 50cm printed edge to edge
  • Handmade to order
  • No minimum orders

Care instructions

Wash at 30°c, low tumble dry heat, hang to dry, do not wring, low heat iron.

  • Wash At 30 Degrees
  • Wash at 85 Fahrenheit
  • Tumble 1
  • Low Heat

Multi-Purpose Personalised Tea Towels - three in one product *

We hear great things back from our customers about what they do with our tea towels. We had no idea they are so versatile and drying up is not their only purpose. Some of the things we get to hear about are great. For example, many people say the cloth is too good to use for menial tasks and they use it for tea cloth wall hanging, kitchen wall art, tea table runners, computer monitor covers, and dining table display with fruit bowls. Wow, we could go on but at the very least it is a three in one product. Let us hear your uses for the great British tea towel (the rest of the world don't do tea towels by the way).


tea towel closeup

Why Print Tea Towels With Photos?

Traditionally a tea towel would be a cloth that was kept in the kitchen. It has had many uses. The baking mums would use the super dry cloth to cover just baked cakes (yummy!) or cover teapots to keep them warm, and perhaps the most famous task of all was drying the dishes. It has lost out a bit to the dishwasher, but still, this very useful cloth can be found in British kitchens up and down the land, but now we can personalise them. Most grandparents and parents know the tea towel very well! Fortunately, the tea towel makes a serious come back in this day and age due to the opportunity to print and make your own tea towel allowing humour, design, photos and any graphics you want printed on your own tea towel to make a great gift idea for mum, dad, grandparents and friends. What is a tea towel? It's a British cultural icon! Our tea towel printing and sewing is done here in London, one at a time. Some of our most recent ideas have been recipes handwritten and then scanned and printed and kids art. They all look great and mean something special too.

Special Tea Cloth For You Or Friends

There is something homely about the humble tea towel. That cherished handy cloth that is displayed in the kitchen can be made more of a centrepiece. You can use our tea towels for adding a little fun to kitchen chores like drying dishes, mopping up spills, and as decoration on the rail. Because you design your own personalised tea cloth you can cater to everyone. A bowls towel or a plate towel, you can use this tea cloth for anything you like. 

Your Own Royal Tea Towel

When Kate and Wills got hitched, the world of tea towels blossomed yet again. People love the royals on tea towels so if you are tempted to print a photo tea towel with a royal design then you can, right here. You can design your royal tea towel as you see fit in any way you like, whether that is funny or in a more serious tone. If you get inspired by the royals, you can add photos of the royals or mimic them with your own alternative royal tea towel ideas. Did you see them on walkabout? Have you got any photos of the royals? You can add them and design your own layout on-line with text to make your own royal wedding tea towel. Or you can spoof it too! Use your own family photos to make a royal wedding tea towel for fun.

Personalised Tea Towels For The Family 

Make your own tea towel or personalised tea towels with photos words or text. Make your own design in our online design system and enjoy the creative tea towel design experience we offer. Create personalised tea towels with Bags of Love as a special gift idea for someone.

Bags Of Love Tea Cloths

Tea towel printing is done best with your photos on. Our tea towels will accept a beautiful photo print. You can add words too. The processed photo tea cloth is deep fibre printed and means it can be washed, and it also means it will soak up water, unlike most other photo tea towels. Design your own tea cloth for a show, event, or personalised gift for someone special.

Create Custom Tea Cloth For Friends and Family

If you like to make customised and bespoke products then this photo tea towel is a great choice. You design it online, then we print the textile, then we cut it and hem on all four sides. Make something out of the ordinary and design personalised tea towels for your relatives. Short of personalised photo gifts ideas for someone? Why not make your own personalised cloth and present it as a special gift, perfect for teacher end of year present!

Seasonal Tea Towels

Seasonal tea towels are a great idea so constantly refresh your kitchen in a small way. Use bright colourful images throughout the summer, pinks and blues throughout spring, reds and browns throughout autumn, and create personalised Christmas tea towels for the winter time. With personalised seasonal tea towels, you can create something that is perfect for your kitchen as well as something that changes with the weather. 

Uses For Tea Towels

Tea towels are incredibly versatile. You can cover a meal, use as a placemat, take on picnics, have as a decoration on the shelf or inside cabinets, serve warm bread under (Bags of Love favourite!), or use as a table runner. You can, of course, use them to dry fine china and glasses. Our tea towels are excellent for drying wine glasses and leave no fibres, unlike most regular tea towels. We may have the highest tech tea towel ever because it is digitally printed, and is made of high tech fibres with minute holes in the core of the fibre that soaks up the water.

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