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Personalised Poncho Towel

Personalised Poncho Towel

Personalised Hooded Beach Towels

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After a swim in the ocean or pool, a personalised poncho towel is the perfect thing to throw on over a swimsuit. Personalised hooded beach towel...

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Personalised Kids Beach Towel

  • Absorbent and soft Bamboo Towelling
  • Poncho cape with hood
  • 4 sizes: 2 to 10 years
  • Five fabric colours
  • Optional satin keepsake bag
  • Made in our studios

Let them run around and enjoy the sun while staying protected in their personalised poncho towel.

They can dry off and wear their personalised hooded beach towels over their swimsuits or pair with shorts, then head to the next activity. Whether it’s fuelling up with a sandwich or more running around, a Bamboo poncho will keep them comfortable and dry. When the sun is warming up their skin, the bamboo fabric is incredibly soft and will feel cosy all day and evening. Bamboo is a quickly renewable and sustainable resource, so you can be assured that this fabric is eco-friendly and kind to the planet! What's more is that the bamboo fabric is hypoallergenic, so you and your kids will be worry-free.
  • Soft Bamboo Towelling fabric
  • Super absorbent and quick-drying
  • Oeko-Tex certified and hypoallergenic
  • Sustainable eco-friendly material
  • Five fabric colours available
  • Four sizes from 2 years to 10 years
  • Embroidery on left chest
  • Choice of fonts and text colours
  • Optional: Embroidered satin keepsake bag
  • Expertly handmade on demand
  • Made in-house
  • Keep away from fire

Care instructions

Wash at 30°c, low tumble dry heat, hang to dry, do not wring, low heat iron.

  • Wash At 30 Degrees
  • Wash at 85 Fahrenheit
  • Tumble 1
  • Low Heat

The material

We are buzzing for this bamboo fabric! Our Bamboo Towelling is snuggly soft and silky, so they’ll look forward to wearing their poncho towels. The material is 40% more absorbent than other cotton towel materials, so it soaks up plenty of water and wet skin will dry in a flash. This material is Oeko-Tex certified, meaning these personalised hooded beach towels are made entirely without any harmful irritants or chemicals and are safe for sensitive skin. For children with allergies, the Bamboo Towelling is hypoallergenic so it won't disturb their skin and playtime stays fun.


As the personalised poncho towel is not a fitted garment, it’s easy to find your child’s size. You can estimate their size by their age, but we recommend measuring their height and checking the poncho measurements for accuracy. The sizes are as follows:


  • 2-4 years: 60cm long poncho
  • 4-6 years: 68cm long poncho
  • 6-8 years: 72cm long poncho
  • 8-10 years: 78cm long poncho

Measure out the length of the poncho on a measuring tape and hold it up to your child to see how long it will be on them. Start at the shoulder and measure straight down.

Measure Yourself To Find The Right Size Children's Size Chart
 2-4 years4-6 years6-8 years8-10 years
Height2-4 years 92 - 104 cm
36.3 - 40.9 "
4-6 years 104 - 116 cm
40.9 - 45.6 "
6-8 years 116 - 128 cm
45.6 - 50.4 "
8-10 years 128 - 140 cm
50.4 - 55.1 "
Chest2-4 years 54.25 - 56 cm
20.7 - 22.1 "
4-6 years 56 - 60.5 cm
22.1 - 23.8 "
6-8 years 60.5 - 65 cm
23.8 - 25.2 "
8-10 years 64 - 71.5 cm
25.2 - 28.1 "
Waist2-4 years 21.5 - 54.5 cm
20.7 - 21.5 "
4-6 years 54.5 - 56 cm
21.5 - 22 "
6-8 years 56 - 59 cm
22 - 23.2 "
8-10 years 58 - 63.5 cm
22.9 - 25 "
Hip2-4 years 56 - 60 cm
22 - 23.6 "
4-6 years 60 - 64 cm
23.6 - 25.5 "
6-8 years 64 - 70 cm
25.2 - 27.6 "
8-10 years 68 - 77 cm
26.8 - 30.3 "
  • Height Measure full height from top of your head to bottom of your feet
  • Chest Measure around your fullest part, with the measuring tape under your armpits, making sure the tape is flat across your back.
  • Waist Measure around your natural waistline - which is the soft squidgy part just under your ribs.
  • Hip Measure around the fullest part (across buttocks).

Always made to order

Everything at Bags of Love is made to order in our studios. Our expert team starts by cutting the bamboo fabric and sewing it according to our pattern, including the hood. Once everything comes together, your child’s name is embroidered on the left chest area in the style and colour of your choice. We look over your personalised hooded beach towels to make sure they look perfect before sending them out to you.

Easy Embroidery

You’ll be able to customise your personalised poncho towel in a few ways: the fabric colour, embroidery style and colour, and name. The chest space allows for up to 10 letters, which will accommodate most names. This is also a great opportunity to use shorter nicknames, such as what their family or friends call them.


There’s something so cute about having kids match with their clothing. A personalised kids beach towel is a great opportunity to let your kids choose their poncho colour and how they want their name embroidered. This way they all have a matching garment that’s still unique to them! You’ll easily be able to tell everyone’s towels apart.

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