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Personalised Memorial Gifts

Create your own photo remembrance gifts using your favourite photos and personal messages. Remember someone with pictures and make personalised memorial gifts.

Personalised Bereavement Gifts

When someone you love passes away, often you want to make sure that you remember the good times. It can be difficult to focus on celebrating their life at the same time as mourning their death. Personalised memorial gifts allow you to not only remember the good times, but also to see them, for years to come. Create photo remembrance gifts as special keepsakes, beautifully printed with photos so that the recipient can reminisce over the holidays, the days out, and the great family get togethers.

Personalised Grave Gifts

Personalised memorial gifts, printed with your favourite memories, can also make for personalised grave gifts. Whether you want to give them something to take with them or to have something as a reminder that you’re all always together in your hearts, you can put your favourite photos onto a selection of gifts that are built to withstand the extremities.

Personalised Memorial Gifts 

Each and every photo remembrance gift is lovingly handmade to order, ensuring that your precious memories are handled with care and respect through every stage of the production process. We use full colour inks to create high definition prints of your fondest and proudest moments, so that you can cherish them for years to come.
  • Personalised memorial gifts from your photos
  • Keep memories alive with personalised memorial gifts
  • Beautifully printed with your fondest memories
  • Personalised bereavement gifts designed to withstand the elements
  • High-quality, long-lasting digital printing methods
  • High-definition prints in full, edge-to-edge colour
  • Water-based inks, better for the environment
  • Handmade to order