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Personalised Housewarming Gifts

Moving into a new home is a milestone for anyone, whether it's buying or renting. If you're looking for housewarming gifts for couples or for someone who is moving alone, or a whole family, then look no further. There is no better way to welcome someone into their new place of residence than with personalised new home gifts. Browse our selection of unique gifts that will certainly never be found in any other home.

Personalised New Home Gifts

Whether you've been invited to a party or you're going to see a friend for the first time in their new home, it has become commonplace to take a present with you. When browsing you're often hit with the concern that someone might already have that item, or that everyone will buy the same thing and they just won't know what to do with it. With a range of stunning, handmade, personalised housewarming gifts, you can rest assured that not only will nobody else show up with the same present, but also that no-one else anywhere will have the same thing.

Personalised First Home Gifts

Searching for housewarming gifts for someone moving into their very first home may seem easier than someone who is just moving into a new place. It could be a young adult finally flying the nest, or perhaps someone later in life starting a whole new journey in a new part of the world. Whatever the situation, we know that sometimes moving into a first home can leave you forgetting a lot of the essentials. If your loved one is living in their own place for the first time, you may want to design a range of personalised first home gifts, including all the things that they'll need to live comfortably. Everything is handmade to order in our studios, and lovingly printed with your photos and special messages, you can ensure your family member or friend will feel fully supported as they embark on the next stage of their life journey.

The Origins of Housewarming

The term housewarming was originally intended to mean just that. Warming the house. When someone moved into a new house, guests would bring firewood to build and light all the fireplaces within the house. This was done both to warm the house through, as well as the superstitious practise of repelling evil spirits. It was believed that the atmosphere of warmth would be protective. In medieval times, houses that had been left empty would have been thought of as targets for spirits, and thus, this housewarming custom would cleanse the property so it was safe for children to live in, as well as warm it through as it had been uninhabited.

The Housewarming Party

Moving home is no small task, and guests are informed of housewarming parties anything from a few days to a few months in advance of the occasion. Customarily, these guests would bring gifts, often being something that was for the new house. Something to enjoy during the party was also considered an appropriate gift. Housewarming parties are sometimes thrown after a home has been significantly changed, such as a remodel, renovation, or large extension. Some people invite their friends and family and some will also invite their new neighbours as a way to introduce themselves. There are some communities where the neighbours will arrange a party and bring it to the residents to welcome them to the neighbourhood. At traditional housewarming parties, pot luck meals were common. This is where everyone brings a (hopefully different) dish to share which was often home made.

Variations in Housewarming Parties

In French-speaking countries, a housewarming is known as a "pendaison de crémaillère" which means 'hanging of the chimney hook'. The chimney hook would control the temperature of food cooking in a large pot on the fire by raising or lowering it above the flames. This was the last part of a house to be built and it marked the beginning of a meal that was to thank everyone who had participated in its construction.

A "food pounder" is often held in the US, especially in the south. Each guest at this particular type of party would bring a pound of food. Commonly this would be a food which is considered a staple, often with a long life and that would be found in a pantry. Things like cheese, flour and sugar are popular. In more recent times, tinned food has become common and sometimes even fresh food is brought, although the main purpose remains to ensure that the hosts, who have just moved into their new home, are set up with the basic foods.

Housewarming Customs

In India it is known as a "Gruha Pravesh", which means 'entering new house', and is a ceremony which often allows a cow to enter the house first. Russia and former USSR countries believe that cats should be the ones to enter a new house before anyone else, to bring the family and the new home good luck. Traditional Thai housewarming parties are Buddhist rituals. Important to this ritual are monks, family and friends, and food.

Symbols of Housewarming

In many countries bluebirds are often gifted. Many people believe that they will bless the new house with good luck and the residents with happiness. In modern times, items which feature bluebirds are often given, such as china plates or vases. Pineapples and coconuts are common gifts or themes with housewarming, as they represent hospitality and warmth. This is something that has been found throughout the history of the Americas. In parts of Scotland and Northern England, a frog is considered a symbol which gives good luck.

Unique Housewarming Gifts

Whether you use traditional customs as the roots for your designs, or you start entirely from scratch, creating your own personalised housewarming gifts is a fantastic way to show someone that you are thinking of them, and wishing them all the luck for their life in their new homes and future endeavours. Use your favourite photos, pictures of your smiling faces, or even personalise with names to create stunning personalised housewarming gifts that can't be found anywhere else. If you can't choose your favourite snaps, you can create a photo collage using our montage tool, or you can even design your personalised new home gifts by adding initials and graphic designs.