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Personalised Drink Bottles

Personalised Drink Bottles

Stainless Steel Water Bottle With Photos

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Personalised drinks bottles are a great way to easily tell which drink is yours at a glance, but choosing...

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Personalised Insulated Water Bottle

  • 500ml/170z bottle
  • Insulated thermal bottle
  • White or silver base colour
  • BPA free stainless steel
  • Screw-top, leak proof lid
  • Print with personalised design

Celebrate your individuality wherever you go with personalised drink bottles, custom printed with your photos or name, or even for work with logo motifs.

Design the front and back of your stainless steel water bottle separately, and keep your hot drink warm or your cold drink cool throughout the day. Uniquely designed, this personalised insulated bottle features a screw-top lid with an elegantly grooved finish. Weighing only 300 grams, the personalised drink bottles will hold up to 500ml (17oz) of fluid. The front and back of your bottles will be printed separately, giving you twice the personalisation.
  • Personalised insulated water bottle
  • Holds 500ml (17oz) of fluid
  • Choice of white or silver base
  • Keeps hot drinks warm
  • Keeps cold drinks cool
  • Print front and back
  • Weighs only 300g
  • Screw-top lid closure
  • BPA free stainless steel
  • Printed directly onto the metal
  • Base ridges for sturdiness
  • Hand-printed to order

Care instructions

Hand wash only.

  • Hand Wash

Printed directly onto the bottle

We use a modern digital printing technique to infuse the  fade-resistant inks directly onto the metal, resulting in a long lasting print which will not fade, crack, or peel. The texture of your personalised drink bottles will not be altered by the printing method, so you will be left with the smoothness of the stainless steel.

We print on each side of the bottle separately which allows you to have two different designs on the bottle. Please note that the designs will meet and you will likely see a slight overlap or join of the images at the edges. This is to ensure that the whole of your bottle is printed.

The base of your bottle will remain unprinted.

Please note: There is a slight variance in the height of the two options; this does not affect the use of the bottles as the diameter at the widest point remains the same, as does the capacity, however, the white-base version has a slightly broader neck.

Be bold

Due to the stunning silver colour option for your personalised drink bottles, strong and bold colours will be more effective at producing a striking result. Any text that you add to your insulated drink bottle should be of a deep, rich colour for the best possible outcome. For lighter colours, we suggest choosing the white base option.

The digital process which we use to print your insulated water bottles does not use white ink. This means if you choose the stylish silver option, any white parts of your image will be in the silver, BPA-free stainless steel hue, for added authenticity and charm.

Please note: With some areas of very dark solid blocks of colour that you may see some tonal variance. This is to be expected, especially on the white model.

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