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Personalised Christmas Decorations

Deck the halls this festive season with personalised Christmas decorations. Adorn your mantelpiece with stockings that feature your family's names, hang your favourite photos on your tree, and wrap every gift in style with personalised paper, tags and custom ribbon.

Bespoke Bells and Whistles

Customise not only your presents, but your home as well this Christmas with our range of personalised Xmas decorations. Great for family and for friends, you can use photos, a name, or even a special message to create bespoke adornments to get into the Christmas spirit. From baby's first Christmas to your first celebrations in a new home, you can design personalised Christmas decorations to mark that memorable moment.

Tree decorations

Break the mould

Traditional Christmas decoration colours are pine green, or evergreen, snow white and heart red. Over time we have adapted this, often using blue and white to signify winter. Blue and white are also sometimes used to represent Hanukkah, the Jewish holiday which is around the same time as Christmas. With personalised Christmas decorations, you can go against the grain, you can decorate in purples and yellows, in any or all colours you like. That’s the beauty of it.

O, Christmas Tree!

Each year, Christmas trees are dressed in ornaments and lights and placed throughout the country. This modern tradition brings people together across Dublin, and beyond, to witness the lighting of the trees, a spectacular event which lights up cities and towns in every corner of Ireland. Religious ceremonies also take place, with a tree featuring in most; communities may participate in dressing the tree, or simply gather all the family round to see it while practising their individual beliefs. Personalised Christmas decorations are a wonderful way to take part in the special events and highlight the significance of the season and what it means to you. Custom Christmas decorations mean you no longer have to compromise on store bought products: you design them yourself. Add flare to your festivities by personalising your Christmas decorations and tree ornaments this year.


Dress to impress

We don't just mean yourself here; Christmas just isn't Christmas without that festive feast. Personalised Xmas decorations can extend to dressing your table. From table linen to each person's place, you can dress your table to impress both the easily-bored-youngster and the hard-to-impress-in-laws all at the same time by creating one-of-a-kind tableware to celebrate the season.

Customise your catering

One of the best parts of Christmas is getting the whole family together and tucking in to that wonderful Christmas dinner. With personalised Xmas decorations you can dress your table in honour of your family. You can create table embellishments with a personal touch using our quick and easy online design tool and create a truly unique atmosphere that matches your family and their personalities.

Creating an atmosphere

Tailored trimmings

Don't forget those Christmas hats! Personalised Christmas decorations don't end at just the tree and the table. You can add a name to each hat or even use a quirky seasonal photograph, so nobody ever gets confused over which hat belongs to who.

Christmas candles

Candles are a significant Christmas decoration for many reasons. From Christingles to Advent candles, the early form of Christmas lights, candles are a huge feature around this time of year. They are also fantastic for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere, which is ideal for Christmastime celebrations. Design your own tealight holder as part of your personalised Christmas decorations, and set the scene in style.

Create your own customs

Traditions don’t have to date back to the Tudor or Victorian times. A tradition is something – most commonly customs or beliefs – which are passed down from generation to generation. You can create your own customs, and pass them down to your children, who pass them onto theirs, and it becomes tradition. Use custom Christmas decorations to create the perfect tradition, to be passed on for years to come.