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Framed Silk Photo Print

Framed Silk Photo Print

Personalised Silk Print

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Showcase your photos or artistic creations with intricately framed silk photo prints. Our Silk Twill is a...

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Cloth Poster Printing

  • Printed Silk Twill on Organic Cotton backing
  • Black or white wooden frame
  • Two size options
  • Comes with fixing kit for hanging
  • Option to add a message to the back
  • Handcrafted to order

A culmination of fine materials including Silk Twill make framed silk photo prints a magnificent gift.

Your design, whether it's a photo, illustration, or quote, is printed onto a square of genuine Silk Twill fabric. It's laid on top of Organic Half Panama Cotton, which becomes the backdrop of your design. These materials are mounted and framed with your choice of framing, and a shatterproof and crystal clear acrylic pane protects your silk print. This handcrafted piece is a unique twist on a classic framed print, making it a gorgeous gift to give to a loved one who really appreciates fine decor. You can even add a message on the back, which will add an extra layer of personalisation to this gift.
  • Printed Silk Twill scarf
  • Beige Organic Half Panama Cotton backing
  • Matte black or white frame
  • 24" or 16" frame sizes
  • Black or white baby hem on silk
  • FSC certified wood
  • Shatterproof acrylic pane
  • Option to add a message on the back
  • Comes with wall fixings for hanging
  • Handcrafted in house

Care instructions

Wipe with a dry lint free cloth

  • Wipe with a lint free cloth
  • Avoid chemical cleaners

Add a Heartfelt Message

If you want to add a message on the back of your personalised silk print there are two options for how you can do this. Option one is a matte A5 sticker that will be applied to the back of the frame. Option two is an A5 card that is removable. It is placed in a Perspex cover that is attached to the back of the frame, and the card can slide in and out. Either option gives you an extra space to customise and is the perfect place to write a sweet message to your loved one. 

Fabrics Full of Character

Each piece of printed silk is hand-finished with a baby hem. The thread colour will match whichever colour you have chosen for the frame. The edges of the silk have a slight wave, so they aren't perfectly straight. The background is made using our Organic Half Panama Cotton, which is naturally a beige colour and has flecks of cotton seed. The combination of rustic cotton and natural silk results in a lovely piece that is full of character.

Product size chart Framed Silk Print
 24x24" Frame16x16" Frame
Frame Size24x24" Frame 64 - 64 cm
25.25 - 25.25 "
16x16" Frame 43.8 - 43.8 cm
17.25 - 17.25 "
Silk print size24x24" Frame 50.8 - 50.8 cm
20 - 20 "
16x16" Frame 30.5 - 30.5 cm
12 - 12 "
  • Frame Size Width of frame
  • Silk print size Width of hemmed silk print

Making Your Framed Fabric 

Our personalised silk print is handmade with all the highest quality materials. We begin by printing your design onto the Silk Twill through a method called reactive dye printing. This technique produces the most pigmented and detailed image which will resist fading through the years. This is then mounted onto the cotton fabric which is pulled taught around the back wooden panel. The frame and acrylic pane are added and everything is secured together by screws. We attach a hanging cord to the back and quality check the entire piece before packing it up so that it's ready to be sent to you.

Straightforward Square

The design area for personalised silk print is a square, which makes it straightforward. You simply need to place your photo or design however you think looks best. Then choose the size and colour of the frame, and decide if you want to add a message on the back. 

You can use any type of design you want, whether that is a family photo, a collage, landscape photography, an illustration, or typography that features a nice quote. Print wedding vows for a newlywed couple or a photo of the grandkids for nan. Make your custom fabric posters into anything you can dream of.

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