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Christmas Gift Classics

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    Need a gift now?

    If you’re shopping last minute, don’t lose hope! We got you covered with Express delivery Gifts.

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    The perfect canvas

    Upload your photos to create a stunning, high-quality canvas that’s available in a variety of sizes.

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    The best photo blankets

    Design your own personalised fleece blanket and wrap yourself up in your fondest memories.

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    Put your face on it!

    Make a statement and jump on the latest trend of products that you can print your face on.


Festival Gift Ideas

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    Festive gifts for her

    Looking for the perfect Festive gifts? Find Festive gifts for her with our handy gift guides, and create a personalized Festive photo gift that she'll remember for years to come. While it can be hard to think of special Festive gift ideas, by creating a custom Festive photo gift, you'll be transforming your favorite memories into a special memento the women in your life can proudly display forever. Get ahead of the holiday rush, and order a Festive gift for the women in your life today!

  • Festive gifts for him

    Get the perfect Festive gifts for him and create a custom, personalized Festive gift that he’ll cherish every holiday season. Having trouble shopping for the guy who already has everything? Get ahead of the Christmas season, and explore our Festive gift ideas that he'll actually care about! By creating a personalized Festive gift, you’ll get the very best deals on the custom item he’s been looking for.

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What kind of discounts are you offering this Festive time?

We’re offering up to 20% OFF select items, as well as additional promotions through emails and for our wholesale customers!

How do the discounts work for Festive Deals?

To apply a discount to your Festive purchase, simply add the eligible items to your shopping cart, proceed to checkout, and apply this Promo Code *FESTIVE20*.

Is custom branding available for Festive purchases?

Branding is an important step in successful marketing, and especially for Festival gifts. With our branding section, we make it easy to add a logo, brand name and even a personalised thank you message. With white & private labelling options, your products take on your brand instead of Bags of Love.

Am I eligible for wholesale discounts?

We want to support as many designers and creative businesses looking for the best Festival gift ideas as possible. As we grow, we can support a larger community of wholesalers.

Are there any products excluded from the Festive deals?

Yes, there are certain products that are excluded from our Festive promotions. These exclusions include, 337 FabricLabels, 1751 Rugs, 3100 SatinBag, 1469 FabricSampleTestPrint, 3110 BaseballCap, 163 BeanBags, 2797 Remnants, 2787 SingleLayerBlankets, 2920 BoneChinaBaubles, 43 JigsawPuzzle, 30 Cushions, 1664 Suitcase, 1546 Socks, 1440 Trays, 1627 ChinaPlates, 315 TeaTowels, 29 BoneChinaMug, 1503 OrnamentalBowl, 339 Tie, 2923 CupandSaucer, 1715 ZippoLighter, 1724 Mats, 1488 CustomSizeCanvas, 1742 SederDish, 1447 BiscuitTin, 376 BuildersMugs, 1652 CuttingBoards, 2806 TravelMug, 118 RollerBlinds, 3099 SilverTin, 1650 BarRunnerMat, 1564 DrumLampShade, 1657 SwatchPacks, 1539 SilverTin, 2884 StainlessSteelThermalBottle, 130 TriptychCanvas, 2826 LeatherPrinting, 1708 PartyPlates, 33 2023DeluxeDiary, 1637 SpiralNoteBooks, 3003 BeerGlass, 157 DirectorsChair, 1596 BlankAcrylicPhotoBlocks, 2790 PlasticJigsawPuzzle, 1656 WoodPrints, 2926 GlassTealightHolder, 255 TinBoxHingeLid, 2952 WhiskyGlass, 1611 TeaCaddy, 2781 OccasionalChair, 3004 WineBottleCooler, 3035 SideTable, 355 ScrapbookAlbums, 397 A4SoftCoverPhotoBooks, 3108 GlassVase, 1436 PrintedSublimationTransferPaper, 1504 DecorativePlate, 87 PhotoBox, 1612 ServingPlatter, 3091 FramedSilkScarf, 3046 HandmadeSilkTie, 26 PhotoBookA4landscape, 3086 SportsBra, 1522 CakeStand, 74 FoldingScreen, 1682 SquareLampShade, 1710 Footstool, 3114 BoneChinaMug6Packwithbranding, 169 HeartJigsaw, 2964 Sterlingsilverearrings, 3006 HiBallGlass, 1613 CutOutFrame, 2987 Roundshotglass4set, 1514 RoundTin, 368 WoodenBlock, 2947 RectangleCanvasWholesaleDropship, 1761 BusinessCardTin, 2789 WrapLidTins, 329 PencilCaseBox, 2986 Roundshotglass2set, 2963 Sterlingsilvernecklace, 2962 SetCandleinJar, 1479 TransferPaperSampleA, 1712 CylinderTins, 158 FoldingStoolChair, 1617 PrintedPenTray, 1448 eGiftVouchers, 3115 PersonalisedPlantPot, 3047 WoodenPendantNecklaceOrganic, 2988 Roundshotglass6set, 3062 PremiumBabyBib, 3041 EmbroideredAdultFleeceDressingGown, 98 YourLifeBooks, 2989 SquareShotGlass2Set, 2904 GiftVouchersPhotoCanvas, 283 RoundFloorCushions, 1735 HotPants, 104 YourLifePhotoAlbumLarge, 3018 WoodenEarringsGeometricShapes, 1429 GiantGreetingCard, 3055 EmbroideredKidsCap, 1711 FabricLabelsSamplePack, 1423 SweetHeartTin, 2793 FoldedSwingTags, 1438 MoneyPot, 1628 SoapDispenser, 3106 DesignerStarterPack, 2811 LoaferEspadrilles, 2824 BasicBabyBib, 3075 EmbroideredAdultsCap, 3022 WomensRunningShorts, 2990 SquareShotGlass6Set, 3059 LeatherCharms, 2991 SquareShotGlass4Set, 2796 NeopreneWristband, 1726 BaseballCap, 106 GiftVouchers, 3048 WoodenPendantNecklaceGeometric, 3009 EmbroideredFleeceBabyBlanket, 3057 EmbroideredInitialCushion, 265 PillowOfLove, 3078 EmbroideredLeatherKeyring, 3031 EmbroideredNameCushion, 2946 SquareCanvasWholesaleDropship, 295 PhotoBookBox, 379 iPhoneSlipCase, 3056 EmbroideredOxfordPillowCase, 2916 ShariFabricCovers, 2809 SquarePhotoPrints, 3126 Custom Box Sleeves, 3125 Card Box, 3005 Glass Water Bottle.

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