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Design Your Chair With Photos

Design Your Chair With Photos

Design Your Own Chair

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Complement any room with these statement occasional chairs, custom printed with your gorgeous designs. They're perfect for the design conscious...

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Customised Accent Chairs Features

  • Four areas to customise
  • Luxurious ChiChi velour fabric
  • Deep, firm foam wadding
  • Stylish Beech wood legs & frame
  • Handmade to order
  • 10 year guarantee

Accent chairs essentially complement your interior design and bring a room together, often positioned in front of bay windows, next to bookcases or by the front door.

Oozing with class and sophistication, our custom chairs are a stunning addition to bedrooms, hallways or foyers, acting as decorative personalised furniture or extra seating space.
  • Personalised furniture handmade
  • Upholstered using our ChiChi furnishing velour
  • Beech wood legs & frame
  • Low chair with high back
  • Deep firm foam, wadding & webbing
  • Ideal for interior designers
  • Perfect for style conscious home makers
  • Up to 4 areas to personalise
  • Can be used in both vintage & contemporary settings
  • Fire rated fabric
  • Weighs only 7 kg
  • Water repellent qualities
  • Full colour long-lasting print won't fade
  • 10 year guarantee on print, manufacturing & finish

Care instructions

Surface wipe only. Clean gently by hand with mild soapy damp cloth.

  • Wipe Down
  • No Soak
Your decorative chairs are handmade with care and attention by our upholstery professionals. Each element of the chair is printed separately onto the ChiChi velour fabric, cut to size and then hand stitched and assembled to ensure an excellent finish. 

Care: Our velour fabric has a water repellent quality, so the chair can be wiped down with a damp cloth. Give it a regular brush to keep the fibres smooth, soft and sumptuous.

Design Your Own Occasional Chairs: How it Works

Step 1: Upload Photos

With your bespoke accent chair, you can personalise up to 5 areas with your photos, artwork or graphic design. Upload photos from your device, Instagram, Facebook or use our Image Library for cool patterns and icons. For a bold look, create a photo collage and select one of the pre-made montage styles for a quick and easy design.

Step 2: Select printable areas

Now it's the fun part - seeing your design come to life. Select which area you want to customise first; the seat, back rest, reverse and the underneath if you've added this onto your product options. Move your image around and re-scale it so it looks exactly how you want it to. 

Step 3: Edit your design

We have several design features within our system that allow you to go further than simply uploading a photo. Add a filter, rotate your designs, overlay some text in an elegant font - the preview of your chair will update each time you tweak the design so you can clearly see how your personalised furniture will look. 

Step 4: Add Signature or Description

The underneath of our accent chairs can also be personalised, which is a great place for artists to leave the selling description or a signature. If this is a photo gift, you can leave a secret message for the recipient congratulating them on their new home, for example. 

Step 5: Preview

Before you buy, make sure to triple check your design, making sure there's no spelling mistakes, and that there's no white spaces near the edges. Whilst we always flag low quality images, we do not change any details of your design so preview to make sure it's perfect. 

What Your Printed Chairs Will Look & Feel Like

  • Low, with high back rest
  • Wide seat
  • Slightly sloped - back legs lower than front legs
  • 4 beech legs in each corner
  • Black fabric underneath, or printed with image/text
  • Soft ChiChi furnishing velour fabric
  • Subtly reflects the light
  • Vibrant colour intensity
  • Feels tender against the skin
  • Weighs 7kg

Do You Have any Design Tips or Ideas?

Our low seated occasional chairs can be personalised on the seat, back rest, reverse, gusset and underneath if you wish. Choose a darker colour for the gusset to complement your design's colour scheme, or give each area a different pattern. Please make sure your design covers the bleed area (red and white checkered area) to ensure your image is printed to the very edge. Keep important photo details away from the edges to prevent them from being lost in the stitching process. 

Design Inspiration for Decorative Chairs

For a modern, edgy design, customise your chair with a fan art photo collage. Get poster pictures, gig tickets, album covers etc and design an occasional chair dedicated to your favourite artist. 

For a vintage dressing room, occasional chairs printed with distressed floral patterns and shabby chic designs looks right at home next to the mirror. What's more, it's the perfect place to drape your dressing gown or put your outfit for the next morning. 

Why not try an on-trend monogram design? Print your initials in your favourite font, or buy a pair for a divine Mr and Mrs personalised gift. Place them in the hallway so guests see them on arrival. 

Guarantee: 10 year guarantee on print, build quality and stitching finish.

For your safety: Filling materials(s) and covering fabric(s) meet the requirements for resistance to cigarette and match ignition in the 1988 fire safety regulations. (BS 5852 Part 1)

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