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Custom Name Keyrings

Custom Name Keyrings

Personalised Initial Keyrings

from €61.00

Design your own custom name keyrings and keep your loved ones with you wherever you go. Whether you use a partner's initial, child's birth date...

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Personalised keyring for children's names & dates

  • Created with a double butt leather
  • Add your initals, name or date
  • Choose from gold or silver metal work
  • Finished with painted edges (5 colours available)
  • Size: 1.7cm x 15.5cm
  • Great gift idea for new mums & dads

Keep your loved ones always close by with custom name keyrings.

Treat each member of the family to personalised initial keyrings and never get the family's keys mixed up again. Made from a double butt leather these high quality keychains are perfect gifts for anniversaries or birthdays. A personalised keyring with children's names on is such a sweet gift for a new mum or dad, too. The keychain is finished with painted edges (with five colours to choose from) and gold or silver metal work.
  • Made from high quality double butt leather
  • Size: 1.7cm x 15.5cm 
  • Hand painted edges 
  • Choice of gold or silver metal work 
  • Personalise with dates, initials or names 
  • Ideal for keys or attaching to a bag 
  • Sweet gift for new mums & dads
  • Clean using a damp cloth 

Care instructions

Wipe clean only.

  • Wipe Down
  • Do Not Wash

Custom name keyrings for everyone 

Whether you live in a busy household or are looking for a secret Santa gift for your friend, custom names keyrings are a great gift idea for almost everyone. 

Buy each member of the house personalised initial keyrings and never muddle up your keys again. You can even create your own personalised keyring with children's names on to keep your babies close to you even when you're away from them. 

Keys can be easily clipped onto the keychain, or you can use it as an accessory for your handbag. 

Looking for a sweet anniversary gift? Why not make a personalised date keyring to create a cute memento your partner can keep with them wherever they go. 

Made by us, loved by you 

Using your design, our expert leather workers will print your custom name keyrings onto a double butt leather. This particular leather is lightweight, but high quality. Its full-grain composition allows inks to saturate deep into the fibres for long-lasting, beautiful results. 

Once your design is printed onto one side, the leather is then cut and hand-painted at the edges. Multiple layers of edge paint are applied by hand in the colour of your choice. You can choose from black, cream, brown, red or blue. 

The leather strap is then looped with the design on the outside, and the metalwork is added. You can opt for gold or silver metal. Each personalised initial keyring will have a polished split ring at one end, and a clip at the other. 

Once we are happy with the quality of your keyring, it is sent directly to you. 

How to design your custom name keyrings

Using the design interface, you can add photos and text to your custom name keyrings. To keep your wording clear, it is probably a good idea to use a block colour for the background. Use your favourite colour or a colour that the receiver of your personalised initial keyrings would like. 

You will see that there is a safe area to fill, and the 'product view' option will show you how your design will look on the finished product. This should help you to gauge how big your text can be. Note that the metalwork will include a stud on one side of your design, so ensure no key messaging is near the end of your strap. 

We have a wide range of fonts to choose from, too, so you can make your personalised keyring with children's names truly unique to you. 

You may want to use a block colour background that co-ordinates with the edge paint options to make the keyring fully co-ordinated. Alternatively, you might want to use contrasting colours for a jazzy look. 

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