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Ceiling Lamp Shades

Ceiling Lamp Shades

Pendant Lamp Shade Designed By You

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Design your own ceiling lamp shades using photos, text or your own design. Create a photo lampshade that i...

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Features of Custom Hanging Lights

  • Ceiling or table lampshade
  • Print each side separately
  • All four sides printed in full colou
  • Square design for contemporary feel
  • Use full pictures or create a collage
  • Fitting ring to fit standard light fittings

Create photo pendant light shades and be the envy of all your friends.

The square design gives a unique contemporary feel, and the high-quality material and printing will guarantee your pictures look fantastic whether your light is on or off. The Stiff Translucent fabric has a fire rated lining, and your design is backlit allowing the light to shine through and bring your pictures to life. The full colour, edge to edge print can be the same on each side, or you can create four different sides for a fantastic personalised look.
  • 2 styles to choose from
  • Modern square shaped design
  • Made using Stiff Translucent fabric
  • Textured fabric backlights from within
  • Frame made from white painted metal
  • Sized for standard fittings
  • Made to order, by hand, 420 g
  • Inner lining made from fire rated material

Care instructions

Use duster and or vacuum gently with appropriate fitting.

    How Your Pendant Light Shades Work

    Square pendant light shades come with a standard sized fitting ring, for standard UK pendant lights. Putting your lampshade up is simple to do, and won't take very long at all.

    Step 1: Prepare
    Before you start, make sure that your light is off - if you can it's best to turn off the electric at the main fuse box. Then just remove the light bulb from your pendant fitting. 

    Step 2: Remove the bottom
    After that, you'll need to unscrew the bottom of the fitting. Most UK pendant lights will have a black, tabbed ring to make this easy to find and once you've got it all you need to do is twist it - for pendants that don't have a black ring, the line where the two parts split should be easy to find if you look closely. When the bottom part is completely unscrewed you will be able to see the exposed thread underneath. 

    Step 3: Install lampshade
    Now simply put your lampshade over the exposed thread on the fitting and then put the bottom part back on again. The lampshade should now be held in place. 

    Step 4: Test
    Last but not least, put the bulb back in, switch your electrics back on, and try the light - it's that easy.

    Quantity Discount

    As is the case with many of our products, these custom pendant light shades are part of our quantity discount scheme. If you order more than one at the same time, not only can you create beautiful custom hanging lights for more rooms in your home, but you can take advantage of a lower price as well. 

    For all standard light fittings

    To give your custom hanging lights an authentic feel we use a semi-translucent textile which is ever so slightly textured. This poly fabric is fire rated. You can choose whether to have the painted frame with the fitting located at the top or the bottom of the shade, and it will be backed with a fire rated inner lining. Your custom design will be printed in full colour all the way up to the edges of the frame so there won't be any gaps unless you have intentionally put them in. 

    Your shade will come with an adaptor that is removable so that you can adjust the size of the fitting ring.

    Consider your image size

    Consider using bigger images so that they still look stunning even from a distance. As the square lampshades come with four sides that can be customised separately, you could try using a different theme for each side. For example, you could use a photo (or a photo collage) for each of the four seasons, or a side for each family member, to create a personal touch. If you want to use the same design on all four sides, there is a handy "Copy Side" button built into our online design tool. 

    The custom-made lampshades are handmade to order, and as such, no two are ever the same. This means that they are perfect for all over the house, however, we think that the contemporary square design looks amazing in living spaces such as living rooms and conservatories as it gives the room a really modern feel to it.

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